Start Reborn a Thousand Times Season 2

Start Reborn a Thousand Times S2

Due to internal conflicts in the Holy Land, the two forces in the Holy Land maintained different attitudes towards Jiang Yu. In the Holy Land, there is an almighty who wants to take Jiang Yu's mysterious physique, while some people don't want to let the almighty recover and rebirth, causing a disagreement . In order to avoid future troubles, the Holy Land united with the people of Hongwumen to besiege Jiang Yu, but was defeated by Jiang Yu, and killed the Holy Land messenger and Fang Xingyu. Later, the incarnation of the Holy Land appeared. Incarnate into an arm, saying that one day the Holy Land will be destroyed, and finally with the help of the master Jiang Yue, he cheated his death and betrayed the sect

Start Reborn a Thousand Times Season 2


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