Dragon King Legend Season 2

Dragon King Legend
Season 2

With the advancement of soul guidance technology, the humans on Douluo Continent conquered the ocean and discovered two more continents. Soul beasts are also dying out with the hunting and killing of human soul masters. The king of soul beasts, who has been sleeping for countless years, awakens in the last pure land of the Star Dou Great Forest. He wants to lead the remaining clansmen to avenge mankind! Tang Wulin, a young man living on Douluo Continent, has been ridiculed and despised because his martial spirit is blue silver grass. In an accidental injury, he found that there was a golden dragon in his body that was banned by 18 seals, and the wisp of consciousness guarding him told him that if he did not gradually release the seal, he would explode and die...

Dragon King Legend Season 2

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