My Disciples are Super Gods

My Disciples are Super Gods

Ye Yang, the overtime dog of the game company, crossed over with an account with 'full skills in all occupations'! The life of the salty fish sect master of full-level swordsman immortal cultivator magician has started, and the headache is that a group of beautiful disciples persuade him to make progress every day.

My Disciples are Super Gods

Episode 01~04 [Multi~Sub]

Episode 05~08 [Multi~Sub]

Episode 09~12 [Multi~Sub]

Episode 13~15 [Multi~Sub]

Episode 16 [Multi~Sub]

Episode 17~18 [Multi~Sub]

Episode 19~20 [Multi~Sub]

Episode 21 [Multi~Sub]

Episode 22 [Multi~Sub]

Episode 23 [Multi~Sub]

Episode 24 [Multi~Sub]


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