I Returned From The Heavens

I Returned From The Heavens

Li Xiangtian traveled around the world with his beautiful master, and returned with full-level exercises to step into the journey of immortality. Along the way, Li Xiangtian, accompanied by the cheap and cute pig, rescued his sister who was captured by the ten imperial palaces step by step, helped her to solve the reason for the collapse of the Great Wu Dynasty, the first empire of the original Illusory Continent, and destroyed the ten imperial palaces. Reinvigorate the Great Wu Dynasty. Later, he discovered his identity as the prince of the ancient country. In a conspiracy of intrigue, he unified the Phantom Continent. In order to rescue his master Ye Feiling, he went to the battlefield of the heavens, fought the sword fairy, and killed the demon emperor. Domineering first god.

I Returned From The Heavens


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