Yao Dao Supreme Season 3

Yao Dao Supreme
Season 3

Cang Qiong Continent, martial artist cultivating palace, Tao palace nourishing soul. Everyone knows that there are eight god-level life and souls, which are owned by the eight top forces in the mainland. But I don't know, there is still the strongest ninth god-level soul in the world! Ye Xinghe, a young genius, awakened his life and soul: the dragon-patterned purple cauldron, and became the youngest alchemist. He was hated by his brother, dug out his life and soul, became a waste, and was divorced by his fiancee! But unexpectedly awakened the ninth god-level soul! Since then, he has risen against the sky and achieved a generation of Danwu Supreme.

Yao Dao Supreme Season 3


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