Rebirth of the God of War

Rebirth of the God of War

A hundred years ago, a generation of God of War Ye Qingyun was born, crushing the sons of Tianjiao from all walks of life, making the enemy fearful, but unexpectedly betrayed by his lover Luo Ling and his brother Wolf Thirteen, and fell into the abyss of ten demons! A hundred years later, all walks of life have entered a golden age, and evil characters have emerged crazily! Ye Qingyun was reborn as a waste disciple of the Ye family, a small and medium-sized family in the Eight Desolate Continent! Fate is reversed, fate is changed against the sky! In this life, I will not only crush the geniuses, but also kill all those who are against me all over the world! A ruthless sword, a dragon slaughtering knife, kill everything, unify the realm of the gods, and dominate all things!

Rebirth of the God of War


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