Shenlan Qiyu Wushuangzhu / The Land of Miracles / 神澜奇域无双珠

Shenlan Qiyu Wushuangzhu

Lan Ge, a talented young man in the Blue Domain, was sent by his father to find the legendary artifact Wushuangzhu. Unexpectedly, he was determined to get it, but he met the same talented young man Fahua in the legal domain. Saint Lotus, who came to the sanctuary, is preparing to profit from the fisherman...

Shenlan Qiyu Wushuangzhu


The latest fantasy epic masterpiece by the third master of the Tang family. The genius boy is connected by the fate of Wushuangzhu, and Shenlan Qiyu promises another century of blood and fire battle song, revealing another novel world outside Douluo Continent. It brings you the mysterious six domains and the seven-color sea with deep waves. put away

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