My Disciples are all Over the Heavens and the World

My Disciples are all Over
The Heavens and the World

The undead young Lu Chen has been trapped in the chaotic realm for millions of years. He can only rely on his huge soul power to travel through the heavens and the world with his spiritual sense, but after each trip, he will fall into a long sleep. After countless years of secret layout, changing the number of reincarnations, finally after waking up again, he escaped from the cemetery of the gods and demons, like a dragon entering the sea. Time has changed, and the apprentice who was forced to accept in the past has become a great emperor who cultivated to the sky. The little girl who was kindly adopted has become a fairy who suppressed the world. Even a mangy dog that was picked up at random has become the ancestor of a sect... All Heavens Ten thousand worlds, heaven and earth are the game, all living beings are sons, fighting against the twelve heavens, everything is in the extraordinary game that he has planned for millions of years!

My Disciples are all Over the Heavens and the World


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