Lingyun Code 灵云代码

Lingyun code

In 2048, the Lingyun system, as the first example of the "popular application of intelligent brain", will be tried out in Mirage City. The accident at the Lingyun system press conference that day triggered an emotional entanglement between its founders Zhou Tong, Zhao Feibai, and childhood friends Aygur and Aizmati. In order to achieve his goal, Zhou Tong closed the "brain consciousness" of Zhao Feibai, Ayguli and Aizmat in the sandbox space in the Lingyun system, but unintentionally triggered the system's "initial intelligent AI" ------ Lu Coco's start. Everything is related to the "Blot" game in the memory of the four people back then, and an intelligence crisis with the code of "human heart bond" unfolds between the real and the virtual world.

Lingyun Code


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