Do not follow the Routine to Cultivate immortals

Do not follow the Routine to
Cultivate immortals

Young man, do you want to buy a system?" "I heard that the system is very popular recently, so give me a system." Because I accidentally bought a system, all the attributes are added to the strength, and I will go from now on. above to prove the way of the heavens. The ancient vicious beast smashed with one punch. Hermitage power, one punch to kill. Vigorously perform miracles, and if you are sick, you can just punch! My name is Zhang Dali, and I am a miracle!

Do not follow the routine to
cultivate immortals

To be continued...

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  1. Plz upload other anime next season of other anime

  2. why you guys upload and remove the epidsode's after 13 ? pls upload back them


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