Legendary Twins Episode 01~04 [Multi~Sub]

Legendary Twins

Legendary Twins Episode 01~04

"Peerless Double Pride" is the first domestic animation work adapted from Mr. Gu Long's novel of the same name. The work describes the fateful entanglement of a pair of twin brothers who love and kill each other: 17 years ago, "the richest man in the world" Jiang Feng and his expecting wife were chased by the twelve astrological signs of thieves in the rivers and lakes, and gave birth to a pair of twins before they died. Among them, one was taken to the Valley of the Wicked with his cheeks cut, and the other was taken to the Palace of Flowers, a forbidden area of martial arts. Years later, the knife-scarred boy Jiang Xiaoyu was raised by the five villains in the valley of villains, and determined to become "the number one villain in the world"; while the elegant son Hua Wuque went down the mountain upholding Master Yaoyue's philosophy of "severing love and lust, eliminating evil and defending the way". Eliminate evil. The gears of fate began to turn, and the life of the two brothers, who were very different but could not be separated, began...

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