My Last Lady / 我的末世大小姐

My Last Lady

As a ruthless gang killer, Mu Chang regards completing tasks and protecting the safety of Bai Zhi, the eldest lady in the gang, as his only goal in life. However, the advent of the end of the world disrupted the trajectory of his life, and Bai Zhi unexpectedly turned into a zombie... Mu Chang gave up resistance for a time under despair, and planned to let Miss Bai Zhi end his life. , the advent of the apocalyptic system not only reshaped Mu Chang's right hand, but also allowed him to gain power beyond that of ordinary people. What surprised him even more was that he could control the eldest young lady's runaway through this mechanical arm? ! In order to find a way to make Miss Bai Zhi return to normal, Mu Chang and Bai Zhi embarked on the road of survival in the apocalypse...

My Last Lady

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