Dragon Prince Yuan Season 2 / 元尊 第二季

Dragon Prince Yuan
Season 2

Adapted from the comic "Yuan Zun" of the same name by the well-known writer Tian Qian Tudou, it tells the story of Zhou Yuan rushing to the border to seek the support of the general Wei Canglan to fight against the impending rebellion of King Qi. Wu Huang, the prince of Dawu, secretly supported the actions of King Qi. Zhou Yuan, Yaoyao, Su Youwei, and Qi Hao, the eldest son of King Qi, fought in Canglan County and Heiyuan. King Qi rebelled and besieged the capital; Zhou Yuan turned the tide and quelled the rebellion. Behind all this, there is the support of the enemy's great martial arts, Zhou Yuan vowed to take back everything that belongs to him.

Dragon Prince Yuan S2

Season 2 is Completed

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