Destiny Villain 天命大反派

Destiny Villain

Xia Michen Deeply Whispered Lin Boqing Sixteen Silent Words Old Paper Mo Hua Han Monkey Mo Long Hurt Yan Yu Nuan Du Chi Yuan Ling Meng Wang Yi Fei Fish Sheep Sila Fox Xiao Ming Grass Shadow Demon King Introduction: Just traveled to the fantasy world, Gu Changge Activate the villain system and encounter the situation that the Son of Luck is about to slap in the face? Not only was the heroine sent to him personally by her holy master father, but even the ex-fiancee who made a three-year contract with the son of luck admired him immensely? Tsk, the hatred value of Child of Luck is full at the beginning. It feels a little sour. Fortunately, his identity is a bit arrogant. It's not easy to trample a little child of luck to death? Wait, there's a system for protagonists? It seems that this is to go further and further on the road of Destiny's villain.

Destiny Villain



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