Star Martial God Technique Season 2 星武神诀 第二季

Star Martial God Technique
Season 2

The Darkmoon Family held an ancestral meeting, intending to take the opportunity to dispose of the Qingyu Family. The affiliated families revolted and broke away from the Darkmoon Family to establish their own doors. Liang Xiang angered the killer, but fortunately, An Xueyun and Vice President Xu arrived one after another, forcing Liang Xiang to give in, and Ye Xinghe was able to retreat. But An Xueyun was placed under house arrest because of this, and soon after, he was going to fulfill his marriage contract and go to Kyoto. Sister Xueyan came to ask for help, Ye Xinghe sneaked into the Tianheng family mansion, and made an agreement with Xueyun to run away by carjacking on the way to Kyoto. Liang Xiangqiu settled the accounts and exterminated the affiliated families of the uprising that day one by one. Ye Xinghe and Liang Yu cooperated inside and outside, and lured Liang Xiang and others into an ambush in Beiming Mountain. In the end, Liang Yu replaced Liang Xiang as the head of the family. Ye Xinghe and Xia Yuning went deep into the Tianling Shrine to find out the treasure of Tianlong.

Star Martial God Technique
Season 2

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