Soul Land 2 Season 4

Soul Land 2
Season 4

It is a story of the gods that connects the previous and the next, and some of the plots in the work echo some of the plots in "Douluo Continent 3 The Legend of the Dragon King", and it is also the prequel to "Douluo Continent 4 Ultimate Douluo". The Douluo God Realm was swept away by the turbulence of time and space, and in the black hole, he met the "Good Death", "Only One Immortal", "Child of Light", "Crazy God", "Airspeed Star Mark" and "The Emperor of Qin". Great God Realm, Douluo God Realm 1 vs 6 battles with other God Realms. When the battle was about to be defeated, a familiar voice came from the faraway Douluo Continent... The battle of the gods, who will fight? When the protagonist halo

Soul Land 2 Season 4


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